DB Recording, located in beautiful Seven Lakes, North Carolina, is producer/artist Burke Long's new studio. Burke specializes in producing Americana, Country, & Roots Rock. Burke's years of songwriting, arranging, & producing can take your ideas to fully produced records. 

 Our projects feature top quality session players from Colorado, Nashville, & North Carolina. Long can also provide custom guitar, keyboard, & vocal tracks for outside projects. Call Burke to discuss your project today. (704)-796-5957



Focusrite ISA 430 Preamps                                         Grace Design Preamps

Vintage Urei LA-3A Compressors (Stereo Pair)       Joe Meek Compressor

TF Pro P-38 Compressor                                           Mytek Converters

TC Electronics System 4000 Reverb                        Antelope OCX Clocking



Pearlman TM-1 (U47 Reproduction)                                                Miktek C-7

Stereo Pair: Cascade Fathead Ribbon Mics                                    Tul-G12



Fully restored 1953 Hammond B3 & 122 Leslie                           Silverstone 1482

1962 Fender Princeton Brown Face                                                1970 Plush

Mesa Boogie Mark 2B                                                                      Mesa Boogie Mark 4

Mesa Boogie King Snake                                                                 Mesa Boogie TA 30

Mesa Boogie Maverick                                                                     Mesa Boogie Blue Angel

Epiphone Valve JR: with Mercury Magnetics Mod                       4-12 Mesa Cab

1-12 Mesa Cab                                                                                2-15 Mesa Cab